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The inspiration for the company came from someone helping her good friend move across the country.  Both women were in the design industry, and as they were packing boxes, one friend asked the other to return some fabric "memo" samples back to the Denver Design Center. The friend ran a showroom that had no relation to the fabric industry, and when she returned the samples, she discovered that stacks of folded fabrics and bolts of beautiful designer material were being sent to a landfill on a regular basis.


Instead of allowing the material to go into a dumpster, she took it to another friend, who was a small businesswoman and creative artist.  The artist took the raw fabric and created "matches", a unique blend of front and back pairs, that were from stacks and stacks of unsorted memo samples. 


The "matches" were then sewn into unique blends of color collections and pairs, based on the available materials retrieved from the back doors of fabric showrooms and design offices alike.


The design "scraps" of the city had created a viable business. 

With the partnerships they've forged, they recycle unused fabric from various locations to make unique back-to-back pillows that can be now be found in retail stores, decor boutiques, home parties, and trade events.

A special THANK YOU to Scarlett the dog (and her team at Design Repeats) for the use of their gallery for our photoshoot!

We are proud members of GFDA and have committed to reducing our waste by 50% by 2025!  Learn more here....

The earth and its planets live a cyclical life, as do our creations. We appreciate your support in this process.


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